Special Clinics

The hospital also has some special clinics which offer specific treatment for different orthopaedic ailments. These clinics include:

Knee Arthroplasty

An Orthopaedic surgeon and Rheumatologist offer consultations in this clinic. This is held on Tuesday between 2 and 3 and the patients will have a well-rounded diagnosis and post-surgical patients experience excellent Post-Operative Care and Rehabilitative Solutions 


This clinic is held on Wednesday between 2 and 3. Post-Operative care and Rehabilitation is discussed in great detail for all patients by two Arthroscopic surgeons.

Foot and Ankle Clinic

Foot and Ankle clinic is held on Friday between 2 and 3. Post-Operative patients are met and various rehabilitative Solutions are discussed in Detail. Management of foot and ankle problems are also discussed.

Hip Arthritis

Hip Arthritis Clinic is held on Monday between 2 and 3. Solutions for hip Arthritis, lifestyle changes are discussed in great detail for patients struggling from Hip Arthritis.

Spine Clinic

SBJH proudly presents an exclusive clinic just for your Spine issues. Patients with spine ailments (such as the ones mentioned below) will be seen exclusively by our Spine team who have specialised in all things Spine. SBJH is well equipped with a fantastic spine team of doctors, adequate facilities for spinal rehabilitation and fully functional surgical spine team (with neuro and plastic surgeons). For appointments for our Spine clinic: contact 044-42066667 or e-mail is at info@boneandjointindia.com

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