Dear Team, I would like to write our experience with SBJH in the journey of my husband's femur fracture treatment with Pro's and Con's. The first most important step is, Choosing of the correct hospital in correct time. Treatment is the one which we cannot revert back easily incase if there is any failure. In an accident, my husband's right leg got fractured with two fractures. And we got him operated in one of the hospital in Erode without enquiring much about their expertise in Ortho department. After the 2 days of surgery, we shifted him to Chennai SBJH for further observation as Erode is an unreachable place for my family. The day we went to SBJH, we met Dr.Siva Murugan sir. As soon as he saw the x-ray reports, he mentioned that femur wasn't set correctly and we would required another surgery. Unfortunately due to the long hours of surgery, he got infected so badly. And the blood test reports were very bad. We all were panicked as the infection has started effecting Lungs and also resulted in high temparature. They started the medication to reduce the infection but it wasn't in control. After 2 days, Dr.Siva Murugan sir has suggested for the wound wash. They took him again to Threatre, opened the wound and washed out some part of infection and flushed the bad blood outside. Dr.RamaSwamy and Dr.Ganesh had taken care of this washout process. And they gave the high dose medicine in form of IV for 14 days. Almost after 3 weeks we got discharged from hospital with a plan for second surgery after the recovery from the infection. And it took 3 months to completely recover from the infection in the blood. In these 3 months my husband could've recovered if the first surgery was well. Hence, it is very important to choose the correct place for treatment. We were really happy for the care the Doctors has taken to cure the infection @SBJH. Due to the Corona Pandemic, we postponed the second surgery. And in July, we could connect with Dr.Ramaswamy for his suggestion about the second surgery. He really responded very well and he discussed with Dr.Siva Murugan sir and confirmed to come for surgery. Whatever the questions we have asked about the procedure of the treatment and safety measures, he explained to us with much patience and in a very good manner. Finally, We planned to travel from Nellore (Andhra Pradesh) to SBJH (Chennai) on August 3rd. The day we have reached Hospital, we got admitted in different block to go through the Corona test. We got the negative report next day. And they've taken the x-ray and blood tests. Everything had come OK to proceed with Surgery on August 5th @8AM. Dr. RamaSwamy and Dr. Saravanan has taken care of this Marathon Surgery of 4 - 5hours. They removed old implant, added a shorter implant for thigh bone support and adjusted the femur neck to its correct position by fixing a plate for support. Thankfully, both of the fractures were arranged to the perfect position. Its 100% perfection in the job by Dr.Ramaswamy and Dr.Saravanan. We really thankful so mcuh. I should thank Dr.Gowtham for his continuos support until the discharge. Also, Mrs.Monita (The secretary) and Mrs.Nisha (From Insurance Department) supported us much just by communicating in phone without facing any hassle at the last moment. Finally, we chose the correct Hospital. :-) After completion of the surgery when I thanked Dr.Ramaswamy, this is the message I got from him. "U need to do 100 percent, that's the policy of bone and joint, we won't compromise on anything. That's how I am trained by my directors" This is exactly correct about SBJH. Our sincere thanks to, Dr.Siva Murugan, Dr.Gowtham, Dr.RamaSwamy, Dr.Saravanan, Dr.Ganesh and the Department of Physiotherapy and the Department of Nursing. We are happy now and hoping for my husband's speedy recovery to get his routine life sooner. Stay safe, Stay Healthy!!! Thank you.
Manohar Gotham's experience with SBJH
Dr. Malvika Iyer Activist, International motivational speaker, model, UN women: It was a miracle that I survived a freak bomb blast in Rajasthan, India when I was 13 years old. I lost both my hands and severely damaged both legs, lost 80% of my blood and BP. My legs were mangled beyond recognition with multiple fractures, nerve paralysis and hypoesthesia and I had external fixators drilled in them to keep them together. It was a very traumatic time for my father, my mother and my sister and almost a year passed with my legs showing no signs of progress. We visited many medical facilities with no luck. One day my mother was referred the excellent services at Soundarapandian Bone & Joint Hospital by my aunt who lived in Chennai. After three days of travel, we visited the hospital and there we met Dr. Sivamurugan who warmly welcomed us and explained in detail that despite it being one of the most challenging cases they had ever seen, there were various possibilities to fix my bones. A team of skilled doctors, including plastic surgeon Dr. Sathish, and kind staff joined together for the marathon 13 hour surgery. After 8 long months of bone grafting, skin grafting and other carpentry work, I was to take my first step after being bedridden for nearly 2 years. Though it was extremely painful, I did manage it and followed it up with more steps. Dr. Sivamurugan had made me walk! Throughout my recovery process , he was always supportive and eager to hear about my life, whenever I visited him. Today, I'm a motivational speaker, I travel the world and give speeches advocating for disability and gender rights. I recently got my Doctorate and also spoke at the United Nations Headquarters at New York. My incredible journey started with Dr. Sivamurugan and I thank him from the bottom of my heart for restoring my hope in life.
Malvika Iyer
After treatment at Soundarapandian Bone & Joint, I could actually breathe with normal contraction and expansion of my rib cage. For 14 years I had been belly breathing, I sleep now better and also, most importantly when i wake up in the morning, the muscle stiffness has completely vanished.
Kamalanathan Age 58 (Ankylosis Spondylitis patient)
I have been going for various treatments for acute pain down my spine. And stiffness to that extent i could not sleep, drive or speak comfortably i have been going back and forth from anything from 30,000 onwards towards traditional kerala medicine, often alternate medicine and homeopathy. Now thanks to cryotherapy. Almost back to normal and have stopped all anti-inflammatory medicines for the past six months
Sathyan pillai Age 38 (Ankylosis Spondylitis patient)
I had severe joint pains and psoriasis. In 2012 I had my first session at Soundarapandian bone & joint. My second session of 30 sittings was this year. Today am free of medication.
Govindarajalu Age 65 (Psoriasis arthritis patient)
Please note, after undertaking this cryotherapy treatment, I found that it reduced my pain and swelling about 75% I am now able to do my work independently, after undergoing various siddha and other treatment I found cryotherapy as the best and natural way of healing.
Rohini Age 59 (Rheumatold arthritis patient)
I Mrs.Vasanthi bai was suffering from arthritis.so i underwent for cryotherapy treatment for 30 days. I felt that my pain was reduced on 10th day of treatment I started using a walker instead of the wheel chair on the 15th day.In the middle of the treatment they gave me a chemical synovectomy injection.Now i can walk freely without any pain.I am very thankful to the hospital and staff.
Vasanthi bai Age 54 (Rheumatold arthritis patient)
Mr. Thakshinamoorthy, Foreman of Simson Company was suffering from Spondylitis Arthritis since 1990. He states, "The pain was terrible. Every time when I see those traffic signal lights while sitting on my bike, a dizzy feeling would arise. I took treatment for two months in Coimbatore. Within 15 days, I could see some minor improvements over my pain. But it was only temporary! Gradually the blood circulation got reduced. Adding more pain, my right eye sight got affected and soon I could not even move my right hand. This happened in 2010 and it forced me to go for the traction treatment for 15 days, but it was of no use. It gave me a feeling that I could not do anything anymore because I used to go for a morning walk every day.At that time, Dr. Milan came to our place and I came to know about Soundarapandian Bone & Joint hospital. Dr. Milan was the one who performed a surgical operation, he took a bone from my abdomen and fixed it in my neck and it finally made the blood circulation normal. From that day onwards I can feel that my right hand. Everything became normal! They gave me a second life!" Before concluding his emotional speech, Mr. Thakshinamoorthy also added, "Soundarapandian Bone & Joint hospital has efficient doctors and a team of responsible staff members with a great passion for hospitality"
Mr. Thakshinamoorthy (Spondylitis Arthritis patient)
Mrs.Rathi Vivkenandhan from Chengottai along with her husband adopted some villages and they are helping senior citizens financially. They are also counseling college students with Gandhian principles. She recaps, "One and a half year ago, I slipped myself from the bed and broke my hip bone. The situation asked for a hipbone surgery on my left. At that time, my daughter was in Chennai. Then my sister told me about Soundarapandian Bone & Joint hospital and asked me to come to Chennai. So I came here for the operation and returned to my home. But soon after in February, I broke my right hip again. I have to go through the same operation to get my hip back to its form. Now I am totally happy and feel at ease while walking. It was quite perfect than before. Extraordinary hospitality in Soundarapandian Bone & Joint hospital! They made me walk within three days from the day of operation. For the first few days, I practiced with the walker and then I tried to walk by myself. The Physiologists here taught me some useful exercises to take care of the bone and the pain just vanished. I felt extremely happy when my daughter and sister appreciated about my walking. All credits to Soundarapandian Bone & Joint hospital!"
Mrs.Rathi Vivkenandhan (Chengottai)
I came with the compliance of both Knee pain since three years. I was suffering from Chikunguniya before 5 years Because of the side effect, I suffered severe pain and unable to walk and move. Doctor Sivamurugan referred me Cryptherapy and Physiotherapy for 20 days. After undergoing treatment Physiotherapist Dr.Paulraj gave me positive inspiration and that encouraged me very much. After taking physio and Cryo much better to my knees and I can walk well Cryotherapy is very helpful to my nerves. From the ward boy to receptionist everyone is very kindful. I am very happy now. I thank god for showing me this hospital.
Mrs.Nirmala Sekar (Post viral Arthropathy / 20 Days)
Initially when I came to this Hospital I was suffering from severe pain in my hip and then I met Dr.Milin. He suggested me for cryotherapy(-110’C) for 20 sessions. As per the suggestions, I was attending cryotherpy treatment then after finishing 15 sessions I got much improvement from my hip pain and also started walking straightly as about 50% of level. Then I met the doctor again after finishing the 20 session, he told me to go for 10 more suggestions for further complete recovery. I followed his suggestions and finished totally about 30 sessions of cryotherpy(-110’C). In my last day now feel much better and improved than before coming to this hospital. Moreover I used to do physio exercises two times a day. It made me brisk and I feel more energetic and as well as my pain was relieved and my body feels healthy. Therefore, I wish to convey my heartful thanks to Dr.Milin, Mrs.Sunitha(Cryotherapist) and the hospital management for making me relive from my hip pain.
My name is Lakshmi Sreedhar and recently ( in August 2017) I was treated at Soundarapandian Bone and Joint hospital for anterior dislocation of my right shoulder joint. After the initial period of rest I was directed to your physiotherapy unit for rehab and recovery from September 20th, by Dr. Ravisubramaniam. At first when I stepped into your physio section I was so apprehensive as to how I would cope up with the whole process.However after I started the process, with the able help of the Physio Mr.Francis , I was able to see some light at the end of the tunnel. The motivation and confidence that he gave me right from the get go was such an inspiration that helped me to push even when it was painful. He patiently answered all my questions , clearly explained what the problem was, and how I can overcome it through Physio without surgery. He also gave me a set of follow up exercises that I could do at home( which I still do ) to hasten the recovery. The therapist helped me with Physio for about 30 days and the range of movement has improved so much that I do all my normal routine things easily now. I deeply appreciate the concern he shows for all his patients. The entire physio unit at Soundarapandian is so cheerful and motivating and I will recommend them to all those requiring help from pain for a better quality of life.

Thank you for the whole unit for making my life a lot easier.


In addition to the physiotherapy, I was recommended cryotherapy too, to alleviate the pain. A special mention needs to be made about Mrs. Sunitha, who is in charge of the cryotherapy unit. She explains the benefits of this process to every patient and also advises them appropriately before the start of the session. Cryotherapy is new to most of us and the bone chilling -110 degree centigrade is definitely scary. However with the friendly and able guidance of Sunitha I was able to do almost 20 sessions ( twice every session) . Indeed this was so helpful in reducing the pain. Thank you Sunitha. I will definitely recommend all those who have been advised cryotherapy by the doctor , to take it up boldly because of the excellent help available. The recovery is faster and pain a lot less after multiple cryo sessions. Both Physio and Cryo undoubtedly help in speedy recovery and pain relief. I wish the entire unit good luck and request them to continue their excellent work to help many more patients like me.
Lakshmi Sreedhar

At the age of 83,my mother Smt Radha Ramanathan had a fall .This broke the head of the right femur and I took her on the very same day to Dr Sivamurugan at the Soundarapandian Bone and Joint Hospital, Anna Nagar,Chennai.

She was operated upon for a full hip replacement surgery and given excellent post operative care. I was very happy to see her back on her feet and resume her evening walks in about four months after the surgery. Till she passed away five years later , she would walk at least half a km almost every day in the park and take a flight of stairs within out home at least twice a day.

Very good professional and timely care at the Hospital and her willpower made this possible.
Arun Ramanathan IAS (Retd) Former Union Finance Secretary