Total Hip Replacement – THR

Damage to the hip joint caused by arthritis or injury can result in pain and stiffness that can significantly reduce your ability to carry out everyday activities. If medications, exercise and walking support have failed to bring adequate relief then Hip Replacement Surgery is a safe and effective treatment option. It can reduce pain and restore mobility, allowing you to lead a relatively normal life.

The Arthroplasty unit in SBJH is one of the best joint replacement centers in India. The primary hip replacements, complex primary hip replacements and revision hip arthroplasties performed by the highly experienced SBJH surgeons. These surgeries are minimally invasive with minimal soft tissue handling. This unit specializes in Uncemented, Cemented and Hybrid hip arthroplasties.


    • SBJH is equipped with a team of exceptional orthopaedic surgeons, anesthetists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists who approach patient care in a holistic manner.

    • The highest quality implants and surgical equipment in used in our operating theatres

    • Cleanliness and sterility take top priority, leading to a much lower infection rate, compared to the average norm of Total Hip Replacement

    • Skilled physiotherapy department for in-house rehabilitative care. The physiotherapists help patients recover their functional activities

    • The SBJH team receives constant training and is up to date with the latest developments in the field to ensure best results in total hip Arthroplasty surgeries.

    • Ethics plays a key role in the SBJH culture. We will never operate on a patient that will not benefit from the surgery. The THR team at SBJH discusses each individual patient and as a team decides the best course of treatment for the patient. Rest assured, you will be in good hands

    • NABH accredited, NABL accredited for safety and quality